Introductory dives

No experience? No problem!

The instructor will pick you up at your hotel by boat, with all the equipment on board. After a 10-15 minutes briefing, your instructor will get you ready for the dive.
Once you are used to the marine environment with your fins, mask and regulator, you will start the scuba diving part, which lasts about 45 minutes.

Your instructor will take you to the best location for your first dive; a white-sand sea bed, gorgeous coral formations, a myriad of multicoloured fish or Manta rays. A perfect spot to get to know your new gear and environment.

For a first experience, the diving depth does not exceed 6 metres (20 feet) below the surface.

Hot tea will be served when you get out from the water.

Diveasy also provides a professional underwater video service (on request).

Duration: 2 hours

Do your first “backroll”!


For newly weds, try out our honeymoon dive. A romantic introductory dive with some surprises underwater! A great moment to share with your loved one! We will record your dive, and the SD card with your videos is included.

Hot tea will be served when you get out from the water.

Duration: 2 hours

Celebrate your love underwater!

Fun Dives

Explore the treasures of our underwater world!

Diveasy organises your personalized Fun dives in Bora Bora. We will pick you up directly by boat at your location, with the equipment ready onboard. The fun dives are only available for certified divers. Your instructor will plan the dives according to your level, the visibility and the weather and sea conditions. We’ll ensure that you get the best experience and we’ll also keep any special requests in mind.

Our diving sites are located inside as well as outside the lagoon, allowing you to meet a large variety of sea life.


Private Dives

Your private boat for a personalized and unique experience!

Diveasy lets you customize your diving experience! We’ll be happy to organize your private diving excursion in Bora Bora. You will have your private boat with a private instructor and captain dedicated to take you to the best areas to dive. We will adapt the tour to your level and wishes, and we let you choose the spots. The availability of some spots depends on weather conditions. This is perfect for couples, families or groups!

We can also organize your certifications.

Half day

We will be happy to plan your one-tank or two-tank dives. Available for certified diver and beginners. You can choose to dive in the morning or in the afternoon.

Duration : 2-4 hours depending on the number of dives.

Full day

Perfect if you want to enjoy a complete day of diving and underwater fun! We can organise a two-tank dive in the morning and a one-tank dive in the afternoon. Your instructor will offer you a choice of dive sites to choose from.

Duration : 7 hours

Drinks, snacks, private captain and instructor are included in those tours. 

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Lagoon day

Want to get the full underwater experience ? This excursion is made for you! Why choose between diving and snorkeling when you can do both in one day? This is your day and you can fully customize it. Your captain and instructor will pick you up directly by boat from your hotel dock. Depending if you are a certified or beginner diver, we’ll organize your day according to your level and wishes.

For certified divers, you could spend the morning diving with a two-tank dive and in the afternoon, we can take you to some amazing snorkeling spots. For beginners we could organise your first introductory dive or perhaps two, so you can discover different areas of the lagoon from another perspective.

After your morning adventures, we will stop on a beautiful motu where a delicious Polynesian meal will be served. You will get a real taste of paradise, with a selection of local dishes such as the famous raw fish in coconut milk, grilled fish and meat, local vegetables and for dessert, a selection of fresh tropical fruits.

In the afternoon, you will be able to dive back into the water for more discoveries or relax a little bit more on the motu.

Throughout your day, your crew will be recording a video of this unique underwater experience. A great souvenir to bring back home!

Drinks, snacks, lunch on a motu, video service, private captain and instructor are included in this tour. Perfect for couples, families or groups !

Duration : From around 8-9 am to 3.30 pm (pickup time is flexible and adaptable to your wishes)

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Certification programs

Diveasy can organise your scuba diving training and make sure you get the certification most suited for you. Your instructor will make sure you get a personalized training and become a confident diver after you’ve finished the course. You can complete a full certification in three to four half days and get ready for new underwater adventures to come!

You can choose from two different scuba diving structures. Both internationally renowned, you will be able to dive anywhere around the world.

We’d be happy to give you more details about our certifications, and help you pick the option that suits your needs best.

Become a certified diver!


When snorkeling and diving meet!

New in Bora Bora and exclusively at Diveasy!

Discover a new way of seeing the underwater world. This is a private excursion perfect for couples looking for new sensations.

Snukah allows you to be underwater without carrying the tanks and bulky diving equipment with you. You will be able to breathe easily through a regulator (linked to a tank at the surface), avoiding water entering your mouth as with a snorkel. Your instructor will be by your side during the dive and will give you a small briefing prior to entering the water.

You will feel as free as a fish, allowing you to make the most out of this unique moment with the inhabitants of Bora Bora’s underwater world.

Since it will be a private excursion, you will be able to choose from three different sites, the Manta rays, the Sharks, or the Coral Garden (depending on weather and sea conditions).

All levels and children from the age of 8 and up are welcome.

Drinks and towels are included.

Duration : 2h30



Our availability depends on the time of the year.

To make sure you can join us for an amazing dive, make a reservation today!

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SCOOBIE14 – Chicago, Illinois, USA

“Fantastic dive!!”

My husband and I were celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in Bora Bora. We recently finished our scuba diving certification while in Turks and Caicos several months earlier. This was our first dives after certification. As to be expected, we were a little nervous. We did a one tank dive with Diveasy and were fortunate to have Laurent as our dive master. He was prompt, reassuring, knowledgeable, and professional. Our dive was absolutely fantastic. The boat and gear were top notch. I’m so happy one of the larger dive companies could not take us and we used Diveasy. Highly recommend!

Review originally appeared on our Tripadvisor page.
jmt2006 – Los Angeles, California, USA

“Awesome equipment, very friendly, professional staff made this an A++++ experience”

My wife and I just came back from our 10th anniversary trip in Bora Bora, and we specifically planned on scuba diving while there. We are very happy that we did our 2-tank dives with Diveasy! Laurent is the owner/operator and runs a very nice, very high-end outfit, with a wonderful dive boat and brand new equipment. We had Frederic as our Divemaster, and he was awesome! Very personable and showed us all the things we wanted to see, such as sharks, mantas, and more.

Highly recommend Diveasy to scuba divers of all skill levels!

Review originally appeared on our Tripadvisor page.
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